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  • Roller conveyor / spiral / horizontal


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Roller conveyor / spiral / horizontal

The NCS Spiral Conveyors XC are designed for heightened efficiency, flexibility, ease of installation, maximized reliability and simplified maintenance.

XC series are conveyor systems optimized for conveying numerous materials such as dewatered sludge, pulp, garbage, woodchips, pellet fuel, slaughterhouse refuse etc.

The new troughs are of the unique X design giving equal pressure from every angle and therefore better conveying results. Thanks to its high efficiency, the conveyor can operate at unusually low speed giving a smoother run and more energy efficient. The octagonal shape is more rigid than the usual U-shape. In combination with the unique design of the lid, inclination up to 45° is possible with the standard trough and 90° with the vertical system unit. Another big advantage of the X design lid is that it allows extremely low inlet/outlet heights.

Our new feature includes loose inlet/outlet entries and also loose/adjustable support system (legs). These are bolted on instead of the old welding system. This saves both time and money providing a more accurate positioning made on site and also a more secure working environment. The design is based on the ??Ikea concept?? and the conveyor/press is easily assembled on site.


  • Technology: roller
  • Configuration: spiral, horizontal

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