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  • Cable support / garland

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Cable support / garland

Gleason Series Track Master Festoon System
Track Master Festoon Systems are available in three sizes, and with either clips for round cables/hoses, cable clamps for flat cables, or specially designed clamps for holding a mixed load of hoses, round cables and flat cables. A typical system consists of an end clamp which secures the cable or hose at the non-moving end, a tow trolley or control unit trolley which is moved back and forth manually or by a machine, and a series of intermediate trolleys supporting the cable or hose. The quantity of intermediate of intermediate trolleys is determined by two factors; the travel distance of the system and the depth of the cable or hose loops. The trolleys roll smoothly in a specially formed "C" shaped track.


  • Applications: for cables
  • Other characteristics: garland

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