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Heat-shrink end cap

Outstanding Environmental and Mechanical Protection
Shrink boots provide mechanical and environmental protection to connector-to-cable transitions. Specially formulated polymers are injection-molded, then heated and expanded. The shape-memory property of the material allows it to return to its original shape when heated with a hot air gun. Optional adhesive coatings on the inside of the boot provide a watertight, high-strength bond to the cable jacket and the connector or adapter.
Expanded Boots
Shrink boots are supplied in expanded form. The boot is heated, stretched on a mandrel, then cooled. The boot retains its expanded form until heat is applied.
Recovered Boots
Application of heat restores the boot to it?s original dimensions.
Adapter Boots with Lip
Adapter boots are designed for use with connector adapters which attach to mil spec circular connectors. Adapters have a boot groove to accept an interlocking lip on the boot for improved strength. These adapters accept both shielded and unshielded cable. Adapters can be unthreaded from the connector for repair of damaged connector pins.
Lipless Boots
Lipless boots are designed for direct attachment to connector threads. The adapter is eliminated, saving weight and space. Adhesive lining provides sealing and improved mechanical strength.
Boot Materials
Shrink boots are available in three materials: Type 1 high performance elastomer provides improved resistance to heat, oils and fuels. Type 2 zero halogen material is intended for applications where low toxicity is a must. Type 3 general purpose flexible polyolefin is a good choice for occasional exposure to heat and chemicals.


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