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  • Flue gas analyzer / precision / exhaust gas / NO

0 - 9 999 ppm | Gasboard 3800E

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Flue gas analyzer / precision / exhaust gas / NO

Gasboard?3800E comprehensive portable flue gas analyzer adopts the international advanced NDIR non-dispersed infrared technology and electrochemical techniques to measure the volume concentration of CO ,CO2 ,O2 ,SO2 ,NO2 ,NO and other gases in flue gas and to figure out excess air coefficient. This product has high precision, small volume, it is convenient to carry, simple to operate and it is extensively applied in steel, chemical, energy conservation monitoring, energy efficiency evaluation and other fields.


  • Measured value: flue gas, precision, exhaust gas
  • Gas type: NO, SO2, CO, CO2, oxygen
  • Technology: electrochemical, NDIR
  • Portability: portable

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