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  • Off-center load cell / single-column
  • Off-center load cell / single-column


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Off-center load cell / single-column

HBM provides a digital weighing system that is designed by combining digital load cell C16i with digital weight indicator DIS2116. It is very beneficial and has a number of advantages compared to the conventional weighing system. It offers an error-free result with comfortable reading.

It is operated with the help of a software command and does not require soldering of the resistors. The measurements can be easily read remotely through telephone as the TRADE® makes it transparent to the load cell.

Another advantage of this instrument is that it does not require additional hardware or weighing indicator. The digital signal transmissions ensures reduced noise sensitivity.


  • Type: off-center
  • Form: single-column
  • Rated load: Max.: 40000 kg (88184.9 lb)

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