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  • Personnel lift with mobile vertical mast

300 lbs | AHWP series

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Personnel lift with mobile vertical mast

When it is impractical or impossible to bring the work to the worker, Unidex AHWP personnel lifts provide a convenient way to raise workers to perform their tasks. They are ideal for servicing large, immovable machinery, working off a conveyor line, product assembly, and other plant maintenance and operations.

AHWP personnel lifts can be used when ladders are too risky, and when forklift-mounted cages are not practical. It functions smoothly and dependably regardless of unequal weight distribution. Air/oil hydraulic operation is used for instant height adjustment within an infinite range of height increments within the lift stroke. An AutoBlock? fail-safe blocking valve prevents platform movement in the event of pressure loss to protect workers.

Models AHWP-18 and AHWP-36 both have a 48" x 36" deck and function smoothly even with irregular weight distribution.

* Various heights, lift strokes, and load capacities
* Custom deck sizes, cages, and surfaces
* Stainless steel construction


  • Options: with mobile vertical mast

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