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  • Vertical lifter / electro-hydraulic
  • Vertical lifter / electro-hydraulic

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Vertical lifter / electro-hydraulic

The FlexLifter is a vertical lifter and is used to accurately raise or lower a workpiece. Alternatively it can be added to the FlexTrack to form a Lift-and-Carry transfer system used to transfer a part down a production line.

- Complete Protection
The FlexLifter has an enclosed drive chain making it suitable for harsh industrial environments.

- High Performance
The FlexLifter has the same performance characteristics as other ABB robots with a high repeatability, ensuring the reliable positioning of even the heaviest load.

- Easier installation & maintenance
The FlexLifter has been carefully engineered with installation and maintenance in mind. It includes easy access to the motor and minimal maintenance parts.

- Robot based technology
The FlexLifter uses the same IRC5 robot based technology as other ABB Robots. This means that no special software or training is required. Robot programmers and maintenance personal can immediately begin to use the product with the same interface they are used to.

- This also allows the lifter speed, acceleration, and stopping positions of the top plate to be programmed. This makes the lifting system smart and re-useable.

- Options
The FlexLifter is a modular design and comes with several variants of different payload. There is also the possibility to add a rotation unit integrated inside the lifter to rotate the work-piece for better accessibility. The complete Lifter units can be mounted on the floor as a stand-alone unit or added on top of the FlexTrack.


  • Type: vertical
  • Operation: electro-hydraulic
  • Carrying capacity: Min.: 500 kg (1102.31 lb)
  • Lifting height: Min.: 100 mm

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