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  • Helical-toothed rack and pinion / hub / ground / precision

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Helical-toothed rack and pinion / hub / ground / precision

Special profile racks and pinions in thirteen metric module sizes, made up of different materials, together with differing heat treatments, quality levels and surface finishing, to cover a range of liftable weights corresponding to over 36.000 Kg on the rack axis. Tip-relief corrections guarantee excellent meshing smoothness.
Extra-high® profile teeth offers a contact ratio of more than 2 (more than 2 teeth mesh at the same time, able to guarantee a good meshing with reduced vibration, lack of noise, smoothness, Hertz specific pressure and with a increased performance, to offer higher torque and tangential force), already available starting from straight version toothing.
Full fillet (on the root area) and a larger width reduce the stress concentration and the risk of cracks and breakage on the root area and tip relief (on the top area), both improvements are able to guarantee good meshing and higher reliability, also under heavy load.Crowning on the toothing flanks is able to guarantee a good contact area thereby preventing flexing errors, out of line meshing and geometrical deviations
Double line bores system (holes) guarantees a correct locking of all rack surfaces, with reduced distance between the torque area and each locking point and better contact area on the toothing, also under heavy load.


  • Form: helical-toothed
  • Configuration: hub
  • Other characteristics: ground, precision

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