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  • LED display / two-line / 17-segment / electronic


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LED display / two-line / 17-segment / electronic

The WIBOND TargetVision is an independent, closed Andon system for your
companys lean production.
An Andon-System is a visual information system for the lean production in order to determine production - specific indicators, such as disturbance variables, in real time, to analyze and appropriately prepared make them visually available to the responsible worker.
A key advantage of the system is that it can be designed with and without connection (as a so called autarkic system solution) to an existent ERP-platform. For this reason the WIBOND TargetVision is suited for both large an middlesized businesses.
The WIBOND TargetVision is a flexible, closed an freely scaleable Andon system.
The system is designed modularly concerning hard- and software an can be tailored individually to your assembly needs.
The data are processed in real time, which means disturbance variables and up to date production-specific data are visualized to the worker contemporarily.
The TargetVision system helps you to detect potential problems in time and to address them quickly. This let you achieve a higher production flow with the same or fewer personnel.
In order to integrate the system best in your assembly processes we offer additional functions to you, such as output of acoustics, Email or SMS notification and line stoppage functions.


  • Screen type: LED
  • Number of lines/digits: two-line
  • Number of segments: 17-segment
  • Other characteristics: electronic

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