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  • Gripper chuck / turning / 3-jaw / automatic clamping
  • Gripper chuck / turning / 3-jaw / automatic clamping
  • Gripper chuck / turning / 3-jaw / automatic clamping


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Gripper chuck / turning / 3-jaw / automatic clamping

Fast jaw change with quick change design and high repeatability ? that is what makes the B-Top jaw chuck product line so flexible. Particularly for small lot sizes. Thus in most cases machining the chuck jaw to size is unnecessary.

Flexibility with system

Also the insert bushing system is configured for small lot sizes and maximum flexibility. It enables clamping devices to be conveniently adapted to your requirement: Closed with ejector, spray nozzles, or with variable end-stop. Just the way you need it.

Better clamping behavior

And the new innovative lubricating system ensures improved clamping force behavior of the wedge bar principle.

Key advantages

Large through-bore with passage bushings or end-stop bushings that can be changed from the front
Fast jaw change with individual unlocking at high change-over accuracy and suitable for the »Reishauer« system, straight gear cutting
High degree of operator safety with minimum change-over time
Proven wedge rod mechanism


  • Type: gripper
  • Function: turning
  • Number of jaws: 3-jaw
  • Mounting system: automatic clamping
  • Product applications: lathe
  • Other characteristics: through-hole, quick-change
  • Diameter: Min.: 43 mm
  • Rotational speed: Min.: 3600 rpm (22619.47 rad.min-1)
  • Gripping force: Min.: 41 kN
  • Length: Min.: 94.4 mm

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