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Cooling tunnel

Cooling tunnel for flat glass panels. The Glasscool tunnel completes the lacquer drying process for glass panels following tempering. Panels are cooled by fans housed above and below the conveyor rollers. Allows gradual cooling of the glass without compromising the finish or integrity of the material. Highly effective and efficient.
What it does

The Glasscool tunnel completes the lacquer drying by cooling the glass panels in the ovens outlet in case a directly following tempering process is not foreseen.
A series of air blades are positioned in the conveying rollers distances providing for the cooling by means of adequately filtered ambient air.

Elevated efficiency due to the high air speed in air blades outfeed
The forced sectored ventilation allows for the gradual panels cooling without compromising the glass structure
Reduced energy consumption due to the optimization of the air blades profile and the splitting of the ventilation zones


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