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  • CNC machining center / 4-axis / vertical / for aluminum profiles

4 000 x 470 x 420 mm | Comet T4

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CNC machining center / 4-axis / vertical / for aluminum profiles

The Comet T4 is a CNC machining center that uses four controlled axes. It can be made with motor-driven vices that are separate from one other but may also be added on the X axis for machining needs. It is for aluminum, PVC and many alloys. It can support four-meter bars as well.

The fourth axis lets the electrospindle run with the N/C in a 0 to 180-degree range for machining needs on a profile contour. This has an eight-place tool magazine on the X axis space and uses two angle machining heads plus a side milling cutter for all the faces on the device. A traversing worktable is also included so items may be loaded and unloaded. This adds to the space where machining can actually take place.


  • Control type: CNC
  • Number of axes: 4-axis
  • Spindle orientation: vertical
  • Other characteristics: for aluminum profiles
  • X travel: 4000 mm
  • Y travel: 470 mm
  • Z travel: 420 mm

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