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A753 addWAVE

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Telemetry transmitter

A753 addWAVE Series 4 is a total redevelopment of the previous A733 generation of RTUs. It offers "more" in every aspect: more resolution, more memory, more features, more flexibility and expandability - and much more. It nonetheless is still very easy to use and install, and has maintained the low-power approach of previous generations, perfectly capably of operating off our little solar panels. It is the perfect tool for professional users that want to establish and manage large scale measurement networks.

A753 addWAVE transmits with an output power of 500mW in the 70cm frequency band between 430 and 470MHz, and can achieve distances of up to 20km (12 miles), with adequate installation even more. Its radio protocol is fully backwards compatible to A731, A732, A733 and A740.


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