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  • Wireless analog signal transmitter
  • Wireless analog signal transmitter

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Wireless analog signal transmitter

Modular device for DIN-EN 60715 TH35 rail mounting. 1 module = 18mm wide, 58mm deep.
The wireless transmitter module FSM12-UC has two channels and can transmit wireless pushbutton telegrams to the Eltako building wireless system. A1 initiates a wireless telegram, such as 'Press bottom rocker' for a wireless pushbutton with one rocker and A3 such as 'Press top rocker'.
The telegram on opening the two control contacts is identical to 'Release wireless pushbutton'.
Severel wireless transmitter modules must not be switched at the same time.
If the terminals A1 and A3 are connected with a bridge, a wireless telegram is transmitted once
per minute by A1, provided the control voltage is applied, e.g. for central commands with priority.
The universal control voltage processes control commands of 8 to 253V AC or 10 to 230V DC
with periods lasting min. 0.2 seconds. Max. parallel capacitance (approx. length) of control
lead at 230V 0.06?F. This corresponds to a length of approx. 200 meters.
No permanent power supply required, therefore no standby losses.


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