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  • Multi-channel radio transmitter

434 MHz | CDP-TX/RX-02F-R

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Multi-channel radio transmitter

The Multi Channel Radio Transmitter and Receiver come with 128 channels. The CDP-TX-02F-R and CDP-RX-02F-R are both built with compliance to RoHS directive requirements. They are suitable for a different applications such as wireless data communication, remote control, telemetry or wireless security systems. These transmitter and receiver are provided with a frequency synthesizer system with micro controller. Their frequency ranges from 433.1875 MHz to 434.7750 MHz. These products features a reduced size, low working voltage and frequency selectivity which made them perfect for different requisitions where their impedance dismissal and pragmatic distance range are much better than comparative RF modules focused around wide band SAW-resonator frequency generators.


  • Specifications: multi-channel

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