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  • Automatic bundle squaring machine / vertical

max. 800 x 1960 x 1440 mm | CS1

Article: 00146310

Automatic bundle squaring machine / vertical

The squaring machine can be used to square a pile of articles with its end and side surfaces entirely with its top and bottom surface. It can be used in order to advance quality of the stack of the bundles. The squaring machine handles the packs squared-up to alignment of surfaces. It is incorporated with the horizontal conveyor system that transport a pile of articles into the squaring zone and then out feeding to installed palletizing system.
This squaring machine can increase the speed of the production because it can handle the bundles to be grouped and uniformed. The accurate squaring process is used in order to reduce different loading and organizing operations for assembly line workers. Form corrugated material and level up stack quality, CS1 gives a better resolution handle and organize into bundle stacks.


  • Operational mode: automatic
  • Type: vertical

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