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  • Automatic bundle squaring machine / vertical

max. 2156 x 1340 x 1687 mm | CS4

Article: 00146305

Automatic bundle squaring machine / vertical

This squaring machine comes with a design that squares a stack of articles with its end and side surfaces with the bottom and top surface, improving the stack quality for the bundles at the same time. In addition to this, the device is integrated with an existing horizontal conveyor system, suitable for transporting a stack of articles, outfeeding to palletizing system. The squaring machine can also handle bundles that are squared-up to alignment of surfaces, while the CS4 squaring machine comes with an innovative design, rear push and side squarer, assuring the bundle is aligned neatly.

Note that CS4 also provides high efficiency in the production, handling bundles to group uniformly, while the reliable quality of the assemble work is achieved by reducing great organizing and loading tasks. The continuing improvement when it comes to squaring machine developing means that CS4 provides better solutions for bundle stacks and for enhancing the stacking.


  • Operational mode: automatic
  • Type: vertical

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