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Pipe socket

High Performance Connections with SPIETH
The need for reliable, dynamic, stress-resistant shaft-hub connections in modern machinery is increasing. Accuracy, simplicity of design, reliability and low cost are some of the most desirable features.

The connections must allow for easy assembly, orientation, positioning and disassembly of precision machine components without loss of accuracy and reliability. Balancing for high-speed applications should not be required. Such high performance connections can be achieved with SPIETH Clamping Sleeves.

SPIETH Clamping Sleeves eliminate the need for expensive machining operations such as shaft and hub keyways, splines, shoulders and bolt holes by creating an instant "shrink-fit" connection. When unclamped, however, they will return to their original slide-fit condition for easy disassembly.

Flexibility is maintained even after frequent clamping and unclamping without affecting accuracy and reliability.


  • Applications: for pipes

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