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  • Torque wrench / electric
  • Torque wrench / electric

TEWS, TEWSL series

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Torque wrench / electric

JUWEL electric power wrenches from the standard series TES, TEWS and TESM are very compact electric power wrenches which are highly valued around the world for their stability and reliability. They can be used everywhere where high tightening and loosening torques must be applied, e.g. steel construction, crane installation, or power plant and system construction.

Due to our continuous further development, a drive motor is used here which is characterized by extreme power reserves. This has a particularly positive effect in the "Wear on electromechanical components" field, e.g. for carbon brushes and motor anchors, as these motors are used far below their threshold power.

In addition, the switch-off electronics, established for decades, have been revised. Now, among other things, they are distinguished in "Work and process safety" by a new type of electronic locking for the clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.


  • Type: torque
  • Other characteristics: electric
  • Torque: Min.: 150 Nm (110.63

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