• Linear stage / ball screw / translation
  • Linear stage / ball screw / translation

max. 600, max. 150 mm/s | VT-75 series

Артикул: 00090210

Linear stage / ball screw / translation

The NEW linear stage VT-75 was designed for standard industrial applications that require 6 µm repeatability and up to 600 mm travel range. Typical applications for this metrology stage are inspection and assembly systems.
The low profile, yet rigid steel design allows setups with long travel ranges within limited space conditions. A precision ball screw with 4 mm pitch guarantees quiet, smooth motion. The VT-75 linear stages are equipped with a roller guide system and motorized with a DC- or 2-phase stepper motor. Additionally the VT-75 can be ordered with our smc pollux motor- controller module. The stages are equipped with two hall limit switches.


  • Orientation: linear
  • Technology: ball screw, translation

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