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max. 3 460 lb, max. 37.5 in/s | GSM series

Article: 00090150

Roller screw linear servo-cylinder

Excellent Ball Screw Replacement

The GSM Series of linear actuators from Exlar provides a cost effective solution, perfect for replacing ball screw actuators. This compact design incorporates Exlar's patented roller screw technology with an integral brushless servo motor for medium to high performance motion control applications. The GSM Series offers a completely integrated actuator, competively priced with low performance, short-lived ball screw actuators. The GSM design provides a smaller package with higher speed and load capacity than ball screws and other traditional rotary to linear conversions. GSM Series also offers 5 times the travel life of similarly sized ball screw actuators. Selection of the proper feedback configuration allows GSM Series actuators to be powered by nearly every brand of brushless motor amplifier on the market. This flexibility allows GSM Series actuators to be incorporated into the highest performance single and multi-axis motion control systems in use today. In applications varying from food and beverage packaging, to multi-axis turning centers to air-craft assembly, the GSM Series of actuators show incredible performance and durability.


  • Technology: roller screw linear

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