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100 lbs (45 kg), X = 36", Z = 24" | XZ-BS-80-36-24

Article: 00090245

Electric linear gantry module

XZ machine

Complete standalone X-Z robot based upon 2 of our BS-80 Belt Sliders to control motion. Ideal for laboratory testing, electronic measuring, video recording, production assembly robot, and many other uses. All of our Belt Sliders and Wire Sliders (see that category) run end-to-end, and thus give you full travel with the least amount of space.

Includes two motors and controllers, power supply, RS232 interfaces, and all cabling for a ready-to-run robot, nothing else to purchase. Other sizes available. Travel specifications upon request.
Linear Sliders

Linear belt sliders are assembled with long life timing belt components, precision guides, and a universal 6 inch long mount carriage. They give you smooth and rapid linear motion with essentially zero backlash, .001 inch resolution, 16 in/sec speed, and over 50 million inches travel life. Versatile use and easy to mount due to the thinness. Supports up to 30 pounds. Comes pre-drilled and ready to mount our integrated Au57-40M motor/controller (included), other options are: Au42-47M, Au57-66M, Au57-76M, or our Au86-65, Au86-80, or Au86-118 for higher torque and speed. The Au86 size motors require our 86-57 motor plate, sold separately. 28 inch long slider shown, lengths are up to 3 meters.


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