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15 - 1000 KW | HR series

Article: 00009325

Axial fan / cooling / engine

The HR line is not only a product but a sort of an innovative service that goes by the name of OesseCoolingPack. Thanks to advanced calculation tools and 3D solid modelling, integrated to a rapid virtual and operating prototyping system, Oesse is developing and manufacturing complete engine interface projects for the most important international endothermic engines dealers. The cooling pack could include:

radiator cores combined with innovative variants of turbolators and fins in order to avoid the relative problem of clogging and to increase the heat transfer surfaces: water radiators - intercoolers oil and diesel coolers. Side by side horizontal or vertical; back to back or sandwich solutions;
metal and/or ABS fan cowls designed to optimize the cooling air flow;
flat or basket protective grilles, laser-cut, anti-intrusion, in accordance with CE machinery standards, with configurations that allow easy maintenance; designed to avoid interference with engine pulleys and accessories;
fans that are appropriate for the application, with special attention to the choice of dimensions and technical features to aid the reduction of power absorption and contain the noise levels to the upmost;
supporting and connecting brackets and bolts with the engine, which take into account its layout and accessories;
stainless steel, aluminium or rubber pipes for intercooler and water radiator, designed for easy connection with the engine, equipped with silicone bands;
integrated or independent expansion tanks in aluminium, designed to be applied in different machine configurations.


  • Configuration: axial
  • Function: cooling
  • Application: engine

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