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SI, SIR Series

Article: 00009292

Axial fan / exhaust / drying / aluminum

Long casing fans with double flange and the inspection door, particularly suitable to be channelled and for use in exhaust plants, drying systems, conditioning systems, for tunnel and subway ventilation.

Blade material
SI diam. 315 through 1000 mm: resin (glass-charged polypropylene), Aluminium
SI diam. 1120 through 1250 mm: resin (glass-charged polypropylene), reinforced resin (glass-charged polyamide), Aluminium
SI diam. 1400 mm: resin (glass-charged polypropylene)
SIR diam. 1120 through 1600 mm: in special heavy-duty Aluminium alloy
Diameter sizes SI from 315 to 1400 mm.
Diameter sizes SIR from 1120 to 1600 mm. .
Capacity from 240 to 150.000 m3/h.
Total Pressure up to 165 daPa
Temperature of the conveyed fluid: -10°C to +60°C.


  • Configuration: axial
  • Function: exhaust, drying
  • Other characteristics: aluminum
  • Application: for tunnels
  • Air flow: Min.: 240 m³/h (8475.52 ft³/h)
  • Mounting: for integration

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