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  • Air compressor / centrifugal / lubricated / stationary

297 - 909 RT

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Air compressor / centrifugal / lubricated / stationary

Low Temperature Centrifugal Refrigeration Machine

Application?Chemical process flow, chlor-alkali industry etc.

Cooling Capacity: 297 RT?909 RT
Outlet Temperature of Coolant: -10?-35?

Advanced design
Optimum aerodynamic design of chiller is done by the centrifugal compressor software from CONCEPT NREC (USA) and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software from NUMECA FINE/TURBO. Strength analysis, rotor dynamics and bearing analysis etc. has done by ANSYS?DYROBES software, improving optimal performance.

Unique Feature
CQGI's patent shrouded compressor is driven by two ends of motor, having a wide range of cooling capacity and good performance in different working conditions. High pressure section and low pressure section of compressor are mounted on the two ends of motor respectively. The different speed of high pressure section and low pressure section makes centrifugal refrigeration machine have higher cooling efficiency. Main motor and compressor are mounted together, with good featuring seal and compact structure.
This kind of semi-hermetic integrated centrifugal low temperature refrigeration machine (-11??-35??fills in the blank of domestic market.

Advanced manufacturing technology
3D impeller is processed on the Deckel Mahao 5-axis machining center from Germany. Impeller profile test is done on the Carl Zeiss 4 coordinate measuring system from Germany, ensuring accuracy of impeller profile. Spin test of impeller is done on the Schenck Spin Test Stand from Germany. The dynamic balance test is done on the Schenck Dynamic Balance Machine from Germany, ensuring good quality of products.


  • Type: air
  • Technology: centrifugal
  • Lubrication: lubricated
  • Portability: stationary
  • Applications: industrial, cooling, for chemical applications
  • Power: Min.: 1046 kW (1402.71 hp)

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