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  • Air compressor / centrifugal / oil-free / stationary

H series

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Air compressor / centrifugal / oil-free / stationary

The H-series is a unique and high performing centrifugal compressor. This is machine from Atlas Copco which has been in this business for the last one hundred years and evidently has a lot of experience. This air compressor combines advanced technology with delivery of oil free compressed air to produce an excellent performance.The manufacturing techniques are unique and unique in all aspects. This compressors can be used in very many areas such as petrochemical industries, air separation, chemical industries as well as general air processing. It is a dependable and cost-effective compressor that will never fail you when you need it.


  • Type: air
  • Technology: centrifugal
  • Lubrication: oil-free
  • Portability: stationary
  • Other characteristics: low-pressure
  • Applications: for chemical applications
  • Pressure: Min.: 0 Pa (0 psi)
  • Flow: Min.: 50000 m³/h (1765733.31 ft³/h)

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