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High moving speeds linear guide

Forget everything you thought you knew about belt drives.

ServoBelt Linear actuators redefine the classic belt drive, putting belts to work in an entirely new way that reduces the positioning errors and speed limitations of conventional belt drives.

High Performance, Low Cost. With speeds up to 4 m/s, accuracy to ± 4 µm per meter and bi-directional repeatability of ± 1 encoder count, ServoBelt Linear compares favorably to high-end linear motor drives costing thousands more.
Limitless Scalability. With a chassis based on standard Bosch-Rexroth T-slot extrusions, ServoBelt Linear can be engineered for travel distances up to 50 meters to create large-format motion systems.
Multiple Carriages and Axes. A single ServoBelt Linear axis will support multiple carriages with independent motion. Multi-axis configurations include Cartesian motion systems and gantry robots.


  • Other characteristics: high moving speeds

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