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Milling drilling center / CNC / 8-axis / horizontal

Presented under the headline "GUNDRILLING AND MILLING IN SINERGY" the new MF1450BB Gundrill by IMSA is suitable for molds weighing up to 12.000 kg. The machine structure can accomodate a mold that has a diameter in rotation of max 2.750 mm.
Drilling depth in single operation 1.450 mm. Optimal drilling diameters: 5 - 40 mm solid.
Complex mold waterlines (5-axis drilling) can be executed on MF1450BB thanks to the combination of rotary table and headstock angle.
An ISO50 29kW liquid-cooled electrospindle on separate axis enables all the machining operations that prepare and complete the mold waterlines. Switchover gundrilling/milling and back takes place in automatic mode by an M function.


  • Associated function: milling
  • Control type: CNC
  • Number of axes: 8-axis
  • Spindle orientation: horizontal
  • Applications: deep hole, for molds
  • Treated material: for metal
  • Diameter: Min.: 5 mm
  • Drilling depth: Max.: 1450 mm

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