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780 DMW

Article: 00086170

Milling drilling machine / CNC

The DISCOVERY 780DMW opposite head drilling machine has been conceived as two drilling machines paired together, to be used separately in case of sheets having width dimensions inferior to the middle effective width, or on the contrary paired as single machine. It is made up of a solid electrically welded steel base, on which four independents heads are running, the two upper heads are used for drilling, edging and milling, the two inferior one are used only for drilling and edging.
From a mechanical and electronic point of view, each machine is composed by eight axes controlled in terms of position and speed
Alongside each drilling head there are a pair of tool stores, each with a capacity of 16 positions. These are revolving stores controlled electronically in terms of position which. Both stores are physically protected from the working area by mobile pneumatic safety guards. Each tools store is equipped with a system for the automatic reading of the drill bit length; this systems allows the automatic updating of the tool length, whether by control on the panel or by scheduled planning. On both machines’ sides two dressing positionings for drill bit are available, the operation can be performed whether by direct command from the operative panel, or by scheduled planning


  • Associated function: milling
  • Control type: CNC

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