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Alarm annunciator

DE-3000 is considered to be the best annunciator in the world with up to 60 configurable inputs, 20 advanced outputs and 4 simple PID outputs. It features Windows TM-based programming through USB interface. It also has the support of Modbus-RTU interchanges. It shows everything When it goes to the advancement of computerized annunciators and secured shut down devices.

Altronic is one of the worldwide innovators and is considered to be the first system that was licensed in 1977. The arrangement of premium computerized instrumentation has been constantly extended from the that time. It right now incorporates advanced single- and multi-point temperature measuring instruments, scanners, Pyrometers, weight measuring instruments, weight observing systems, tachometers, overspeed assurance instruments, and working time markers.

The most recent era of advanced annunciators incorporates the configurable DE-3000 security shutdown and control framework. It was created to focus around state-of-the-symbolization microcontrollers and surface-mount PCB technology for compressors and other rotating devices. The DE-3000 framework is completely scalable and joins an astute extra circuit board framework. Indeed, in its base arrangement, the DE-3000 characteristics various computerized...


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