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  • Flashing beacon / LED / intrinsically safe / explosion-proof

BR385, BA386

Article: 00144052

Flashing beacon / LED / intrinsically safe / explosion-proof

A comprehensive collection of sounders, flashing beacons and panel lamps mainly for use in hazardous areas.

Recently introduced, the BA386 intrinsically safe LED flashing beacon produces a bright double pulse twice per second and is available with five different colour outputs. This beacon may be powered from the same barrier or isolator as a BR385 intrinsically safe sounder, thus reducing cost and allowing combined alarm systems to be constructed. Both the BR385 sounder and the BA386 beacon are ATEX and FM certified.

Complimenting our industry standard BA390 intrinsically safe LED cluster lamps, low current versions are now available. Producing a useful output at only a few milliamps, they may be powered from most digital outputs including those from multiple output fieldbus modules.

Also recently introduced is the BExCS110-05D combined flameproof sounder and flashing beacon. This rugged device is available with a range of beacon colours and supply voltages.


  • Type: flashing
  • Technology: LED
  • Protection level: intrinsically safe, explosion-proof

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