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  • Event recorder

max. 24 V | EL-USB-5

Article: 00144229

Event recorder

Counter, Event and State USB Data Logger
Accepts input voltage up to 24V
Volt free contact option
Rising and falling edge triggering
Connection via screw terminals
USB interface for setup and download

This standalone data logger can record events (detecting an input and storing the time and date of occurrence), record state changes (similar to an event but also recording when the input reverts back to normal) and count events (count the number of events that happen in a time period, without any individual event time or date information). Up to 32,510 events or 32,510 state changes can be recorded.

Events and state changes can be triggered by either a rising edge (a voltage going from low to high) or falling edge (a voltage going from high to low). It is also possible to use volt free contacts. Instead of measuring an external voltage, the data logger applies a voltage across the screw terminals and detects when the input closes (i.e. a relay or microswitch).

Fast logging rates allow event capturing at speeds of up to two times per second and state changes at speeds of up to five times per second. Event counting can operate at speeds of up to 100 times per second (when the LEDs are turned off). The user can easily set up the logger, and download the stored data by plugging the data logger into a PCs USB port and running the purpose designed software under Windows 2000, XP, Vista & 7. Data can then be exported to other applications for evaluation.


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