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  • Electric winch / rotary drum / lifting / open
  • Electric winch / rotary drum / lifting / open

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Electric winch / rotary drum / lifting / open

An open winch type lifting has the following advantages:

- Increased lifting capacity and / or higher lifting speeds and / or higher FEM working groups.
- Use of commercial motors to fit customer"s standard. Possibility to use only 1 motor instead of 2 motors, thus halving the probability of having a break-down. Possibility of engines of 1,500 and 1,000 rpm. Increased motor size.
- Connections between motor and gearbox, and between gearbox and drum, are done with elastic couplings.
- True vertical lift as standard, thus avoiding lateral displacement of the hook during the lifting movement.
- Greater accessibility for maintenance of the different components.
- The brake is fully exterior, improving accessibility and regulation.
- The gearbox has a top opening lid, providing easy access for maintenance and inspection.
- Slack wire rope detector. Mechanical system to assure correct placement of wire rope in drum grooves and keeping only 1 layer.


  • Operation: electric
  • Technology: rotary drum
  • Application: lifting
  • Other characteristics: open, high-speed
  • Lifting capacity: Min.: 6.3 t (6.94 us ton)

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