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  • Impact wrench socket / antispark

FM/GS/UKAS NO.107-110A

Article: 00144250

Impact wrench socket / antispark

Socket Wrench/NO.107-110A
Material: Aluminum Bronze/Beryllium Copper
1.Item:Aluminium Bronze/Beryllium Copper
2.Composition:Al:10~12% / Be:1.5~1.7% 1.8~2.3%
Ni:4~6% / Co+Ni:over 0.2%
Fe+Mn:below 5.8% / Co+Ni+Fe:below 1.2%
Cu+Al+Ni+Fe+Mn:over 99.0% /Cu+Be+Co+Ni+Fe:over 99.0%
3.Hardness(Brinell):221~291 / 283~365
4.Extensibility:??5% / ??1.0%
5.Breaking:782 N/mm 2~989 N/mm 2 , 1117 N/mm 2~1326 N/ mm 2
6.Elasticity Limit:450 N/mm 2 ~550 N/mm 2 , 840 N/mm 2 ~880 N/mm 2
7.Elec Resistance???:8~12 / 8~6
8.Dilatation Coefficient:0.000015% / 0.000012%
9.Density Weight:8.10 g/cm 3 , 8.60 g/cm 3
10.Magnetic:1.2 / 0
Design Features:
1.Non Spark/Non Magnetic
2.DIN 3120
3.Die forged?Beautiful appearance, high density, super strong, durable
1.Aluminum bronze tools suitable for concentration of homework 7.8% ethylene.
2.Beryllium bronze explosion-proof tools suitable for concentration of homework 21% hydrogen.
3.It suitable for use where space is narrow or deep concavity to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts.
4.Safety tools is widely used in oil and gas works,mines,airports,armed forces and in a explosive and flammable place.
We have got GS, FM ,UKAS ,ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certificates and registered the safety tool brand X-Spark in the European Union, Singapore, Japan ,Russia and other countries.
We guarantee all the safety tools we manufactured are manufactured strictly in accordance with Germany DIN Standard&National Standard and 100% qualified and backed by Lifetime.


  • Applications: for impact wrenches
  • Other characteristics: antispark
  • Diameter: Min.: 24 mm
  • Length: Min.: 50 mm

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