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Hose Cat is a state of the art tool air for firefighters used in the handling of NST and STORZ hose couplings. The HoseCat 1 hose coupling aid tools allows fire fighters to uncouple or recouple NST, National Standard Threaded couplings with safely and easily. The HoseCat II used for Storz-type coupling. The Hosecat III for when the need arises to have types on a similar truck. Once permanently mounted on the apparatus the tools provides a safe working height, which greatly decreases injury risk. All operation with the HoseCat can be done with bare or gloved hands. The HoseCat comes hinged and will simply swing from the store away into the working position. The HoseCat will also accommodate all the popular hose couplings from a size of 1.5" all the way to 4" and 5" diameter hoses. The technological advancements of the HoseCat allows for the correct tightening of the hose coupling once the loading hose beds and removes the need for two fire fighters or two spanners.


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