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Torque wrench / digital

Electronic Torque Wrench DW Fiam is used for precision and to advance quality. For effectual and quick post procedure events, Electronic Torque Wrench DW Fiam could be directly used into production lines and for regulating quality of the tightening methods.
They can be engaged in the construction of small production batches as well as to complete tightenings that are already started.
The Electronic Torque Wrench DW Fiam has the following features:
? Broad range of variants: for torques from 5 to 350 Nm
? Simple to use: to carry out readings it is adequate to switch it on and press a switch
? Powerful and ergonomic: steel body with smooth touch grip
? Precision: +/- 1% of complete scale
? Adaptable: diverse dimension units, Nm, lbf-inc, lbf-ft, Kgm and a lot of languages to be chosen apart from Italian
? 3 gauge procedures: nonstop TORQUE; PEAK; for T/A (Torque/Angle) models BREAKAWAY is also offered
? 3 reading measures: QUICK MEASURE, PRESET and FREE MEASURE. For T/A (Torque/Angle) models QUICK BREAKAWAY too is available.


  • Type: torque
  • Other characteristics: digital
  • Torque: Min.: 5 Nm (3.69
  • Length: Min.: 357 mm

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