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  • Torque wrench / electric / strain gauge / piezoelectric

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Torque wrench / electric / strain gauge / piezoelectric

With this series of torque wrenches, stationary screwdriver-spindles can be tested without being removed from the assembly station. These wrenches can be clamped into a vice temporarily, due to the flat surfaces on the side of the heads. The torque wrenches are in connection with the corresponding measuring instruments (DME 200 DMS PC/DME 200 PC) for the purpose of testing screw connection. The mechanical wrench types can be used for simple control or adjustment processes. A screw connections torque can be obtained by re-tightening the fastener. Tightening torque values can be estimated quickly with the use of mechanical wrench models.

The measuring system of the DEPRAG torque combines a variety of application features from conventional torque wrenches with the capabilities and precision of todays electronic measuring technology.


  • Type: torque
  • Other characteristics: electric, strain gauge, piezoelectric

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