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  • Torque wrench / pneumatic
  • Torque wrench / pneumatic
  • Torque wrench / pneumatic

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Torque wrench / pneumatic

Pneurotorque Pistol Grip Pneumatic Wrenches provide a smooth and continuous output drive, which can be controlled using an Air Pressure Regulator , called the Lubro Control Unit. Using the supplied graph, the air pressure can be set to stall out with a repeatability of +/- 5% on any given joint.
The pistol grip wrench is comfortable and safe for the user to operate, due to its non-impacting, low-vibration levels as well as its gear box, which has the ability to rotate independently. This means that reaction forces are not transmitted back to the operator , when they are using the product. As well as these features,


  • Type: torque
  • Other characteristics: pneumatic
  • Torque: Min.: 200 Nm (147.51
  • Length: Min.: 365 mm

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