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Torque wrench

Fastening duties are considered some of the most important in many industries today. If users are in the business of assembling trucks, cars, trains, harvesters or planes, they will need to maximize control during the production and quality assurance phases. With the Atlas Copco ST wrench, users have more than a standard transducerized handheld nutrunner.

Based on its modular design, users can custom design the STwrench to meet exact needs and create a tool that works perfectly for all applications. The wrench can be used in the production process for complete traceability in tightening, angle control, torque control and yield control. Configure the STwrench to tighten joints with high torque accuracy, or use it for quality control in the checking of residual torque.

It can also be used for joint analysis which includes stiffness and joint behavior, setting the right parameters for tightening in production and test reproducibility.


  • Type: torque
  • Torque: 150 Nm (110.63
  • Length: 271 mm

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