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  • Electric stacker truck / walk-behind / pallet


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Electric stacker truck / walk-behind / pallet

E-DH10BF electric powered pallet stackers
E-DH10BF series electric powered pallet stackers, or monomast stackers, are easy to handle and operate due to the side-mounted tiller and the monomast. The monomast makes it easier to see the load and the route ahead when driving forwards and manoeuvring with the electric powered pallet stacker. The efficient energy use of the monomast stacker is ensured through a low-maintenance gel battery and a range of automatic controls. For example, the electric powered pallet stacker automatically switches to standby when not in use for a longer period, or reduces driving speed for a lift height of 500 mm or above. The monomast electric powered pallet stacker brakes automatically on upward and downward slopes or ramps, which prevents it from rolling away. Avoid accidents and recognise hazardous situations in good time. Thanks to the monomast of the E-DH10BF electric powered pallet stacker.


  • Energy: electric
  • Operator: walk-behind
  • Applications: pallet
  • Carrying capacity: 1000 kg (2204.62 lb)
  • Lifting height: Min.: 0 mm

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