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  • Polyester vibration damping fiber plate

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Polyester vibration damping fiber plate

Bilz Insulation Plates are constructed with highly-developed materials which protect against vibration and structure-borne noise and can be used in many industrial applications. Manufactured from a carefully-controlled bond of nitrile rubber, cork particles, and polyester fiber net, this material possesses all the physical and mechanical characteristics required by the modern state of the art in technology. A major advantage of this newly-developed product is its resistance to modern cooling lubricants allowing it to be used for the mounting of machines in oil sumps. Particularly noteworthy are the product's excellent compression set values. These are significant when the objective is to ensure not just vibration isolation when mounting modern machine tools, but also to maintain geometric precision for a number of years into the future. Eight different plate types provide the technically and economically optimal solution for any vibration problem. These insulation products were designed with the specific kinematic requirements of lathe, milling and grinding machinery in mind.


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