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Sunnex SP series

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Vibration damping plate

The Sunnex SP machine pad is designed to provide insulation against impact, vibration and structure-borne noise due to it's unique cellular design. This series is unaffected by most industrial oils and liquids and can (to a degree) prevent slipping. It represents an excellent solution for a wide range of industrial applications such as presses pumps, generators and graphical industry engines. The series includes five models (SP 710, 711, 712, 713 and 714) with different hardness, natural frequency and load-bearing capacity that ranges from 0.5 kg/cm² to 20 kg/cm². All models have the same dimensions of 45 x 45 cm (size can be easily adjusted to the specific application) and are manufactured out of nitrile rubber. They are available in black (SP 710 through to 713) and green (SP 714) color.


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