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  • Vibration damping plate
  • Vibration damping plate

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Vibration damping plate

The lowest possible vertical natural frequency and dimension stability of the insulation element is required for an effective vibration insulation, especially of mechanical vibrations. Therefore ISOLOC insulation packs fulfill the highest requirements relating to source and receiver insulation of vibrations.

By the use of ISOLOC packs a vertical dynamic natural frequency under 5 Hz can be achieved. Thus the technically most important fields of the insulation of vibrations and structure-borne sound are covered in the optimum way. Furthermore, the very high friction coefficients of the ISOLOC insulation packs make possible the free installation without anchoring for almost all machines.

Oil/chemical/aging resistance
High resistance to chemicals such as lyes, acids is for ISOLOC insulation panels no problem, especially to organic and anorganic lubricants. This includes also hydraulic media with low inflammability etc. and for use under oil troughs. All panels are very resistant to aging.

ISOLOC retains its elastic properties, also with high dynamic load, for many years, mostly a machine lifetime. Heavy presses in the warm transformation have worked for years in 3-shift-factories, with high insulation/damping remaining the same.


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