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  • Vibration damping plate
  • Vibration damping plate

TICO xF/PA series

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Vibration damping plate

TICO Low Frequency Isolation Material

Where attenuation of vibration is the prime factor, TICO LF / PA pads provide the well-proven scientific answer. These pads isolate disturbing frequencies where expensive rubber-in-shear or spring devices may have been considered. They are flat and naturally stable under compressive stress, therefore side restraints are rarely needed to ensure a sturdy installation.

TICO LF/PA pads have a bonded-sandwich construction. The centre stratum is synthetic elastomer, precision moulded with a fluted pattern developed for optimum vibration absorption across a specific load range. Top and bottom strata are bonded cork to provide high-friction bearing surfaces. Double layers of TICO LF/PA pads can be used to achieve a lower natural frequency.

TICO CF/PA Pads have been designed for use in critical applications where a low frequency solution is required. TICO CF/PA pads are also available in two different grades, each with its own individual features that can be tailored to meet the needs of the customer. TICO CF/PA pads are complimentary to our TICO LF/PA pads with the additional benefit of complete design flexibility.

Typical applications:

Heating and ventilation systems with air conditioning units, boiler plant or fans sited near or above inhabited or other critical areas.
Heavy compressors, critical areas.
Business/computer systems.
Precision production plant, test and inspection equipment, sensitive instruments, etc.
Room in room isolations,
Cinema and theater complexes,
Floating floors


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