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iMAP 2

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Automated visual inspection system

iMAP 2 is a 2 probe inspection system that combines a high precision rotary table, motor drive, angular encoder, 2 arm rigid column unit, anti-vibration granite base and the 2 channel measurement software AccuScanTM.The AccuScanTM software is a flexible inspection system that is configured with two contact and/or non-contact probes and is a full-featured Windows application designed for the collection and analysis of circular geometry data. Circular geometry is critical in the design of certain types of machines and mechanical assemblies, such as aircraft engines, industrial gas turbines and steam turbines.Fully understanding components geometry prior to assembly is critical when faced with the ever growing environmental pressures and increasing fuel prices. The significantly more reliable measurement data collected by the iMAP 2 system enables stacking software to more accurately manipulate component parts, resulting in more precisely aligned rotor assemblies.AccuScanTM features IntelliProbeTM technology, software algorithms designed to address problems common with circular geometry inspection, such as profile distortion due to part misalignment. This intelligent probing corrects for part off-centering errors of up to 2% of the part radius with negligible error. It also allows for true normal-to-axis evaluation of surface roundness. Geometrical data measured includes Roundness, Diametral Runout, Eccentricity, Flatness, Parallelism, Planar Runout and angle.


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