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  • Vision system for injector analysis
  • Vision system for injector analysis


Article: 00143298

Vision system for injector analysis

The EFS 8212 vision system is intended for observing and studying the jets coming from a high pressure diesel injector in an inert atmosphere (Nitrogen or CO2) of up to 50bars (±0.5 bars).

All pressure values are given in relation to the atmospheric pressure.

Optional features, which can be installed in the pressure chamber, enable the development and the morphological parameters of the sprays to be studied automatically.
The sprays can thus be characterized in terms of :
- Jet penetration
- Jet penetration percentage
- Jet opening angle
- Jet surface
- Jet volume
- Symmetry
- Spray cone angle in Lambda view
- Angle l of a jet in Lambda view
- Angle a of a jet
- Inter-jet angle
- Circularity

The pressure in the interior of the chamber can be controlled semi-automatically by the control box or by means of a PC.


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