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51 - 6 200 g, 0.0001 - 0.01 g, IP 65 | AD-4212C series

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Digital weigh module

Have you faced these problems of production-line weighing systems?

- Weighing is slow.
- Instruments take up space.
- Weighing sensors do not last long.
- Display units are redundant.
- Cabling is complex and expensive.

The AD-4212C, a high precision electromagnetic weighing sensor with an integrated A/D converter, is the way to solve such problems.

Firstly, the stabilization speed is extremely fast. It is less than 0.5 seconds with a resolution of 1 mg (up to 30 g + tare), or 1.3 seconds with a resolution of 0.1 mg (up to 51 g + tare).

Secondly, the size is highly compact, with the width being only 59 mm. It is ideal for installation in narrow spaces.

Thirdly, the AD-4212C boasts high durability and accuracy over time. In our test using the AD-4212C-300 (320 g × 1 mg), the product easily withstood 30 million repeated loadings, and the final span drift value was a mere 5 digits (5 mg). Moreover, the AD-4212C incorporates our patented shock absorber under the weighing pan. It copes with movement in all directions, protecting the sensor from actuator malfunctions.

Fourthly, since the AD-4212C outputs digital weighing data directly to a panel computer, PC, or PLC, whether to add a display unit is completely up to you.

Finally, with the optional AD-8923-CC or AD-8923-BCD remote controller, it is possible to transmit data using CC-Link or BCD, in addition to displaying the weighing results, changing response speed, and performing calibration.

There are six models in the AD-4212C Series, all of which are IP65 dust and waterproof, and come with free WinCT-4212C software.


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