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0.1 - 10 t | 52-18 series

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Weigh module

The type 52-18 Weigh Modules are available in 2 basic versions:

52-18RS employing the Rocking System, and

52-18SS which employs the Sliding System.

Both versions have identical outer dimensions and mounting principles, but have somewhat different features. Some features are overlapping and which weigh module is the optimal choice depends on the application.

The new 52-18RS-C is very cost effective and the first choice for static tank and hopper applications. All modules used in a scale are identical and can be freely oriented in any direction. However, it is not suitable for tanks with agitators, which might cause the scale to oscillate, as it is standing on rockers.

The 52-18RS, with its Rocking Pin Load Introduction, is the natural choice when very high resolution is required, whereas the 52-18SS, with Sliding Pin Load Introduction, is the choice when very large expansions/contractions due to temperature or other reasons are expected.

Delivered preassembled and centred with Aligning Plate for easy installation.

Especially designed for SB4, SB5, SB14 and SLB load cells.

Material: steel, zinc plated; alternatively stainless steel.


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