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20 - 45 t | 52-01HD

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Weigh module

Flintec load cell supports are designed to prevent unwanted forces from affecting load cell performance.

The type 52-01HD weigh module with type SB2 load cell is designed for high capacity, heavy duty, platform scales. It is especially well suited for scales in the steel industry. For example ladle and scrap basket scales where the load is handled with crane on and off the scale and frequent overloading occurs.

For scrap basket scales the built in overload stop efficiently protects the load cell from impact loads when scrap is loaded and being dropped from sometimes several meters height into the basket.

Available as 3-directional bumper module resp. free sliding module.

The bumpers of the 3-directional module can be rearranged to achieve a number of different bumping confi gurations. See examples on page 2(2).

A machined slot in the base plate prevents the load cell from sliding when subjected to high side forces.

An overload stop can be added as an option and protects the load cell from overloads up to at least 500% of rated load.

Material: Mild steel, painted.


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