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Easy 8?

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Weigh module

Hardy Process Solutions EASY 8? Weigh Scale Module (HI 2080WS) is for the Allen-Bradley® Micro800? programmable controller. This low cost solution is designed to provide just enough functionality that strikes a balance between price, quality of weight reading and Hardys reputation for high quality process measurement products.

The EASY 8 is a single channel plug-in module that reads, conditions, and digitizes load cell sensor and strain gage signals commonly found in process weighing applications. It is an ideal plug-in solution for stand-alone, small machine applications in which weighing and weight-based controls are critical functions of the equipment.

The Hardy EASY 8 is a powerful weight processing module that calculates and digitizes net and gross weight data from Hardy load cells (or industry standard load cells) and sends this data directly to the backplane Allen-Bradley® Micro800? PLC.


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